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China unveils giant self-developed wind turbine

November 08, 2019/ 09:14

Beijing. A giant offshore wind turbine with a 210-meter rotor diameter has been developed in China and will be put into production soon, the science and technology bureau of southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality says.

The H210-10MW turbine has a unit capacity of 10 megawatts and is China’s first wind turbine to have a rotor diameter of more than 200 meters.

Once put into operation, each unit could generate about 40 million kWh of electricity annually, according to Han Huali, director of the research institute at HZ Windpower. This will double the unit energy production of the 5-MW turbines currently in use, he explained, as cited by Xinhua News Agency, told RT.

The world’s largest market for wind power, China has been actively promoting a transition to its green and low-carbon sector. Last year, the country installed 20.2 GW of onshore wind energy production and offshore wind farms capable of 1.6 GW, representing, respectively, 44 percent and 37 percent of global market share.


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