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Azerbaijan to further strengthen its role as transport hub

March 28, 2018/ 12:19

Baku. In the next few years, Azerbaijan will solve the export diversification issue in order to switch from the economy that receives more revenues from the oil and gas industry to economy oriented to non-primary sectors, Alexander Karavaev, Russian political expert, Deputy Director of the Centre for Study of former Soviet Union territory of the Information and Analytical Centre of the Moscow State University told Trend.

The expert believes that the country will primarily witness development in three areas such as agro-industry, logistics and transport communications, as well as supporting small and medium-sized businesses.

"The development of transport communications will also include completion of the planned and modernization of existing routes in the paradigm of turning Azerbaijan into a transport hub, when cargo will be transshipped across the country in different directions."

According to Karavaev, support to small and medium-sized businesses is a very important line of development, since export capacity is built at this level. 

"It is difficult to enter international markets through some large companies involved in heavy industry. Azerbaijan is particularly known with two areas: oil and agro-industry. But even in these two areas it is possible to achieve quite great success if we put their development on the right track," - the expert believes.

According to the Russian political expert, further reforms are expected in the sphere of governance and economy as a whole.

“The formats of ministries are changing, new agencies are emerging, structures are merging,” he said, noting that the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies can serve as an example. 

“Two large ministries were united in order to concentrate efforts on creating a system that allows products to be exported to electronic trading platforms," Karavaev said.

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