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Oil and gas information Agency celebrate twenties birthday

August 10, 2016/ 13:27

Nizhnevartovsk. 23rd of January Oil and gas information Agency (OGIA) celebrate twenties birthday. Before re-registration it was named as “Samotlor- express”/ agency was created in the middle of nineties as a sociopolitical publication. However in the middle of zero years there begun clear specialization, aiming on oil and gas complex. Meanwhile “Samotlor- express” begun to distribute own first information issues in December 1995 in Nizhnevartovsk region and involved the most important doings, which were related to privatization oil and gas complex. At that date Agency used just facsimile communication. Internet wasn’t so popular and contactable even in the center of the country. News propagation by e-mail begun few years later. The first Website of “Samotlor-express” was created in 1999. In October 2005 Oil and Gas information Agency “Samotlor-express” opened new official Website www.samotlor-express.ru. In the end of November was created the mirror site www.angi.ru. At the same time appeared mobile version for reading news wap.angi.ru. Agency’s Website is a specific Internet portal informing community about life of Russian Fuel and Energy complex. Tenders, job vacations of oil and gas complex can be found here. There created the great database of field companies.
But the most important in Agency’s life is a coverage activity of oil and gas companies, enterprises of oil and gas service and petroleum engineering. For this purpose created specialization sections “ Oil and gas”, “O&G service”. New section “I’m an oiler” was created in 2014 for revive prestige of oil and gas professions. Also there are political news. A lot of attention there pays to basin government’s activity in KhMAD-Yugra, Tuymen area. Because petroleum production comfort depend on theirs. Besides information services OGIA yearly holds roundtables and conferences. At these areas often meet representatives of government, oil-and-gas production enterprises, science and experts of education, ecology, petroleum service. Agency repeatedly was recognized by “Mediologia” as the most cited edition in KhMAD-Yugra. Agency often is in top-5 of the most cited mass-media of Russian FEC. According to the results of 2015 year OGIA is recognized as a leader of this rating. For today OGIA has many correspondents in different regions of the country. Correspondent station was opened in Moscow and there are official missions in Tuymen and Ufa.

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